Vinny Jones's IN.somnial is a poem for the senses. The installation immerses the audience in the nocturnal world of an insomniac, entering the bedroom of the sleepless poet Sonia who is present only in the traces she has left: sounds, scents, books and her writing. Text, light, scent and scenography combine for a sensual journey that fades the boundary between dream and reality. In.somnial uses the atmospheric and physiological qualities of sound, smell, temperature and light, to affect the bodies of the audience, creating a physical experience of the phenomena of insomnia as an entrance into the work's narrative space.

Concept and Design: vinny jones
Dramaturgy: Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink
Technical design: Diederik Schoorl
Sound design: Léon Spek
System design: Mark IJzerman
Smell design: Jorg Hempenius
Publicity: Bonnie Dumanaw
Production management: Carolien Beenhakker
Producer: Job Rietvelt
Coaching: Anoek Nuyens & Joris Weidom
Photography: Jonna Bruinsma
Video: Ariane Trümper

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